A State-Of-The-Art Neurocognitive Concussion Test

At NeuroSport™ our mission is to provide comprehensive research-based concussion tests for individual athletes or the whole team. We know that sports related concussions are more and more prevalent and come with devastating long-term effects. This is why any athlete that is susceptible to head trauma needs a concussion baseline test. NeuroSport™ utilizes 6 research-proven steps with 60+ data points for each athlete’s concussion test. Each baseline provides a holistic neurocognitive understanding of each athlete’s brain health that can be used for any head trauma related incidents. Our concussion evaluation tools will drastically help prevent concussion’s long term effects. However, what makes NeuroSport™ state-of-the-art is what happens if a sports related concussion occurs. Our concussion testing team provides a 24-hour concussion test for any suspected head traumas. We then compare the pre- and post-injury concussion test to provide the proper concussion protocol for safer return-to-play. NeuroSport™ is more than a concussion test, we are your concussion care team ready to protect your athlete.

NeuroSport Brain Health

A Concussion Test Focused on Making Sports Safer for Future Generations!

At NeuroSport™, we strongly believe that a concussion test is just the first step in protecting our future generation. Because we have the most innovative and comprehensive concussion testing in the industry, we are becoming the gold standard in Massachusetts with many sports organizations partnering with us. We make concussion tests for athletes and parents a simple process. Furthermore, we understand that proper concussion protocol and follow-up care is what leads to preventing concussion’s long term effects. This is why we go beyond being a pre- and post-injury concussion test for sports. Our concussion care team will be there to help parents, coaches, and teachers implement our concussion protocol. So even after our concussion test, we are your resource.

NeuroSport™ ‘s Six-Step Concussion Test

NeuroSport™ ‘s research-based six step concussion test is the most comprehensive and innovative in the industry. The pre- and post-injury concussion test for sports is separated into two phases. The first phase is done through telemedicine, bringing our concussion evaluation tools to the convenience of your home. The second phase is either done at one of our mobile clinics or our concussion testing clinics.

Phase 1 of NeuroSport™ ‘s Concussion Test

NeuroSport™ ‘s next step in our concussion test is the Cambridge Brain Sciences test. This computer test accurately measures core elements of cognition, such as short-term memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability.

Phase 2 of NeuroSport™ ‘s Concussion Test

Athletes undergo a concussion history and neurocognitive examination interview by our concussion specialist. In the event of a suspected concussion, our experts reassess these functions post-injury and compare the results with the initial concussion baseline test scores. These comparisons allow us to devise the most suitable concussion protocol.

Eye movement tracking is proven to be effective in checking for concussions. Eye-Sync is a state-of-the-art concussion eye test that uses virtual reality to assess abnormal eye movement.

The Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) is a standardized concussion balance test. It  is used to obtain comprehensive concussion balance test scores for the patient. In the event of a concussion, a post-concussion BESS test, is applied to assess any changes in concussion diagnosis.

TRAZOR is an integral part of NeuroSport™ ‘s concussion test. It is a 3D simulator that measures moment-to-moment reaction time, acceleration, speed, and distance traveled. In addition, it tests stamina, balance, coordination, reaction time, visual perception, and mobility for improved performance, safety, and confidence. All of these combined allow us to determine the athlete’s concussion diagnosis.

The quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) is a key part of NeuroSport™ ‘s concussion test. qEEG is a neurofeedback therapy assessment that analyzes the electrical activity of the brain to measure and display patterns that correspond to brain health. This part of the concussion test determines areas of the brain that need strengthening.


Effects of Sports Concussions Can Last a Lifetime

If you or someone you love plays contact sports, they have a high risk exposure to head trauma and need a concussion test. As athletes become increasingly bigger, faster, and stronger, we see an alarming increase in the number of sports concussions. The latest research indicates that between 1.6M – 3.8M sports related concussions occur annually. Without a comprehensive concussion test and proper procedures put in place, athletes are at risk to concussion’s long term effects.

For the last fifty years, parents, doctors, and coaches have not developed a concussion test and system to prevent and track sports related concussions, putting athletes at risk. What is worse is that athletes often return-to-play without allowing enough concussion recovery time, putting themselves at risk for second impact syndrome – a life-threatening brain injury. At NeuroSport™, our concussion test team is here to end this.


NeuroSport™ ‘s Concussion Test is Easy to Access

NeuroSport™ understands that getting a concussion test will make a drastic difference in the preservation and improvement of every athlete’s brain health. This is why we are partnering up with youth sports organizations and schools to make our concussion baseline test accessible. With phase 1 of our concussion test done through telemedicine, our athletes can access this at the convenience of their home. Our second phase is either done at our clinic or at the facilities of our partners. Whether you are a recreational player, a professional athlete, or a team, each concussion test site is available to you.


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