Do Concussion Prevention Helmets Work in Youth Sports?

Do Concussion Prevention Helmets Work in Youth Sports?

What is a Concussion Prevention Helmet?

Concussion prevention helmets are an advanced type of concussion protection headgear. Protective gear in sports is very important for a young athlete’s safety. In recent studies, experts argue that the average helmet is unable to fully protect players from brain trauma. This discovery caused several corporations to create new technology to prevent these crippling brain injuries.  The new anti-concussion helmets bring a new level of protection to athletes. In short: concussion prevention helmets consider more variables when designing to better protect athletes. 

Standard Helmets vs. Concussion Prevention Helmets

Concussion prevention helmets protect against more elements of a head injury than the standard helmet. A standard helmet only offers padding against direct-impact hits. However, neuroscientists have found that in many cases protective sports gear doesn’t provide enough support for the brain. In most situations, rotational forces make injuries worse, causing post-concussion syndrome. Left untreated, this can result in memory loss and brain swelling. Untreated concussions can also lead to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional problems. An anti-concussion helmet reduces collision forces by softening blows to the head. With this form of protective sports gear, brain injury is less likely to occur. For any athlete involved in contact sports, concussion prevention helmets will secure your safety.

What Are the Best Concussion Prevention Helmets?

Let’s explore some options in concussion prevention helmets. There is no one way that anti-concussion helmets work. All of them are designed to protect against harmful rotational forces. Some of the best football helmets for concussion prevention are the Xenith X1, Schutt Ion4D, and Riddell Revolution Speed. All three provide concussion protection for football through innovative technology. Protective gear in sports is essential, but helmet protection in football is especially important. A study by Boston University found that out of 94 former NFL players, 90 showed evidence of brain disease from repeated brain trauma. These players were equipped with standard helmets instead of the upgraded concussion prevention helmet.

The long-term effects of concussion syndrome are tragic and debilitating without a concussion prevention helmet. This is why experts advise investing in your safety by getting the best available equipment. Along with concussion protection headgear in football, concussion helmets for soccer as well as a concussion helmet for volleyball are also crucial. Concussions are most often reported to occur during “collision sports” such as these. A company named 2nd Skull even created a baseball concussion hat that was tested for its efficiency by the MLB. The baseball concussion hat is an anti-concussion helmet worn beneath a standard helmet. Some more top-rated brands include WaveCel and MIPS.  Both  concussion prevention helmets have incorporated layers to redirect traumatic forces during a crash. 

Why Buy Concussion Prevention Helmets?

Whether you are a coach, parent, or athlete, concussion prevention helmets are a crucial purchase. Without protective gear in sports, athletes are prone to serious head injuries. Choosing your  concussion protection headgear should be based on the sport and the needs of the players involved. Choices might vary if it is a concussion helmet for soccer, concussion helmet for football, or a concussion helmet for volleyball. After all, a sport should be an activity enjoyed—not feared. Anti-concussion helmets allow the mind (and brain) to be at ease. All in all, concussion prevention helmets are the next step to a better game.

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