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Neurosport’s Story to Forming a State-of-the-Art Concussion Test

The need for a comprehensive concussion test was first described in 1928 by Dr. Harrison Martland as he reported boxers as having “punched drunk syndrome.” Since then, numerous studies have proven the need for proper concussion protocols. Dr. Bennet Omalu discovery of CTE in former football athlete Mike Webster inspired concussion specialists to work diligently in concussion care. However, it is not until Neurosport that a truly preventative concussion test has emerged. Neurosport’s testing creates a concussion test baseline of an athlete’s brain health in a way that has never been done before. Our concussion test utilizes a qEEG (hyperlink page or blog that explains this) to provide a comprehensive brain map, leading to a concussion protocol that strengthens an athlete’s brain before a concussion even occurs!

Fred Willis

Innovator, Advocator, and Pioneer of Preventive Concussion Test

Neurosport’s Founder and CEO, Fred Willis, didn’t start his journey to find the best concussion test yesterday. His 20+ years of advocacy have helped fight for recognition of the concussion problem in the NFL Concussion Lawsuit. From his successful career in the NFL to his continual advocacy work, Fred has always recognized that a better concussion protocol was needed. That is why he has dedicated the last 10 years to understanding concussion in sports and the best protocols in protecting his fellow athletes. In forming Neurosport, he had a singular goal: To create a preventive concussion test so that each athlete can keep playing the sport they love without the debilitating effects of brain trauma. Through a partnership with concussion doctors and fellow advocates, Fred has done just that. Today, Fred leads an amazing team of concussion specialists to provide concussion tests for each and every athlete.

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Neurosport’s Top Tier Concussion Test Team

Backing our concussion test experts is a team of carefully selected concussion specialists. From qEEG specialist to physician’s assistants, each concussion specialist has years of experience in the concussion care field.  We understand that concussions in sports are inevitable, and every member of our concussion test team has seen the tragedies that can fall on an individual devastated by the long-term effects of concussion. Innovations in protective gear may reduce the frequency and severity of concussions in the future. However, improvements in youth concussion protocol in pre- and post-concussion care will serve to be even more important to the next generation of athletes. Neurosport’s concussion test aims to provide a safer future for all athletes. 

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