Why Is Concussion Testing so Important?

Concussion testing will help prevent the long-lasting consequences of poor brain health. Without proper concussion tests and protocols in place, contact sport athletes are at risk of brain disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia. No matter how mild a concussion may seem, proper concussion testing can prove valuable in the long run.

Concussion Testing Stats and Reporting

Alarming Concussion Statistics

Concussion Epidemic

In the United States, it is estimated that 1.6-3.8 million people visit the emergency room for concussion testing for sports related reasons. 2.4 million of these concussion tests are done on athletes ages 5-18. Out of these concussion test, 70% to 90% of patients sustain mild traumatic brain injuries. With the correct concussion protocol, they go on to live healthy, successful lives. However, it is estimated that as many as 50% of concussions go unreported. Concussion testing can save athletes from a lifetime of cognitive, behavioral, and mental health issues.

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Football Concussion Testing Evaluation
Hockey Concussion Testing
Second Impact Syndrome

Second Impact Syndrome

™ When proper concussion protocols are not followed, it can lead to a life-threatening condition called Second Impact Syndrome (SIS). SIS is a rising issue. As one 2014 concussion test study done by Indiana University of Medicine shows, for every reported concussion, 27 go unreported. For offensive linemen, this number rose to 32. Proper concussion testing can save an athlete’s life.

NeuroSport™ Concussion Testing Solution

At NeuroSport™, our mission is to provide concussion testing to keep athletes playing the sports they love without risking the lifelong, debilitating effects of head injuries. Our 6-step, research-based concussion test allows our board-certified neurologists to evaluate brain health. Our concussion impact testing reveals areas of the brain that have been affected by the concussion. This then helps us develop a targeted concussion protocol. Our testing serves as concussion baseline testing for athletes who have not had a concussion.

Athletes undergo a concussion history and neurocognitive examination interview by a board-certified neurologist. In the event of a concussion, our board-certified experts reassess these functions post-injury and compare the results with the initial concussion baseline testing scores. These comparisons allow us to devise the most suitable concussion protocol.

Neurocognitive testing: Includes computer tests that accurately measure core elements of cognition, such as short-term memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability. This helps us determine the concussion level if any.

We utilize a high-performance device that uses virtual reality to assess abnormal eye movement.

A standardized concussion treatment protocol is used to obtain a comprehensive baseline for the patient. In the event of a concussion, a post-concussion balance testing program, Balance Error Scoring System, is applied to assess any changes.

We utilize a 3D simulator that measures moment-to-moment reaction time, acceleration, speed, and distance traveled. It also tests stamina, balance, coordination, reaction time, visual perception, and mobility for improved performance, safety, and confidence.

A neurofeedback therapy assessment analyzes the electrical activity of the brain to measure and display patterns that correspond to brain health.

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Benefits of NeuroSport™ Concussions Testing

NeuroSport™ concussion test documents an athlete’s case and provides the patient with documents for school or work. Our concussion protocol will explain the support and accommodations required for optimal recovery. Additionally, NeuroSport™ will serve as a personal resource–communicating with athletic personnel, family, employers, and school staff.

NeuroSport™ can provide concussion baseline testing for one athlete or a whole team in just one day. NeuroSport™’s concussion testing and performance metrics will provide medical clearance as defined by the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee of the Florida High School Athletic Association. This means each athlete will have a concussion test clearing them for “return-to-play.”

Sign Up Concussion Testing

How to Sign up for a Concussion Test

To get started, simply register on-line for our seamless concussion testing session. It consist of a 1 hour and 45-minute neurological assessment pre- and post-concussion test. Within seven days, you will receive a NeuroSport™ concussion and performance metrics report. Our concussion testing metrics include balance, reaction time, speed, spatial processing, concentration, ocular latency, vestibular coordination, brain performance index, and concussion index.

All NeuroSport™ concussion tests are covered by insurance.

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