Partnering with Neurosport™ Against Concussions

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Benefits of Partnering with Neurosport™ as a Youth Sports Organization

This crisis we are all experiencing came quick and out of nowhere and eventually it will pass. We must look at protecting our athletes against concussion as a long term collaboration.

NeuroSport™‘s dedicated team of doctors and technicians will give a definitive return-to-play decision within 24 hours. With NeuroSport, your families can skip long waits at an ER or Urgent Care and go straight to a concussion specialist. Your athletes may get back on the field the next day! To meet our goal of protecting the brain health of athletes, NeuroSport™ has created a mobile clinic that can come to your school. Your entire team of athletes can receive a Baseline Assessment in one day. Most importantly, NeuroSport™’s Pre and Post Baseline Assessments are covered by insurance. NeuroSport™ collects only the allowable amount a health insurance company will reimburse us for our baseline assessment. The Allowable Charge is typically a discounted rate rather than the actual charge. So partner with NeuroSport and wave goodbye to ImPACT, emergency rooms, and long waits at the general practitioner for your families.