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The first step in addressing neurological disorders associated with concussions is identifying them when they happen. NeuroSport facilitates this by using a battery of neurological assessments and neurocognitive testing to create a record of the athlete’s neurocognitive baseline for concussions. When these values are known, detecting concussions and associated neurological disorders becomes more accurate.

To begin NeuroSport’s process, simply register for an appointment to protect your athlete from neurological disorders associated with concussions. Baseline neurological assessments, as well as neurocognitive testing and treatment for concussions are covered by insurance. Schedule your concussion assessment today.

Prevent Neurological Disorders

Establishing a Concussion Baseline to Prevent Neurological Disorders

NeuroSport’s neurological tests for concussions will create a record of your athlete’s neurocognitive baseline values and help prevent long term neurological disorder. These “healthy” records can be used for comparison if your athlete suffers head trauma and neurological symptoms lead the athlete, coaches, or trainers to suspect a neurological disorder. If neurological symptoms indicating a concussion is present, NeuroSport will immediately begin our concussion treatment for your athlete to prevent further long term neurological disorders from arising.

Baseline Neurological Testing
Brain Disorder Testing
Eye Sync Neurological Testing
Neurological Disorder Assessment

NeuroSport’s Unique Neurological Disorder Assessment Is the Most Comprehensive Concussion Exam

Our baseline neurological disorder assessment for concussions include neurological tests measuring the athlete’s balance, reaction time, speed, spatial processing, reasoning, concentration, ocular latency, vestibular coordination, brain performance index, and concussion index.  Our neurocognitive testing is the most thorough in the field. Pre- and Post-concussion neurological assessments by NeuroSport take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Compared to the 15-20 minute total time taken by ImPACT and similar tests, our neurological tests are much more thorough for detecting neurological disorder associated with concussions.

Second Impact Syndrome

Coordinating with Coaches and Trainers

Parents will be given a waiver that will allow NeuroSport to release data to your athlete’s coaches and trainers regarding any neurological disorders prevention protocols that need to be taken. A detailed report, meeting HIPPA guidelines, will be produced with your athlete’s neurological exams. It will outline concussion and performance metrics along with any presenting neurological symptoms to look out for on and off the field. These metrics will guide your athlete’s team through the season, making necessary precautions to prevent long term neurocognitive damage. In the unfortunate event your athlete suffers a concussion, you can trust that our “return-to-play” medical clearance means that it is safe for them to keep playing. The data will provide critical information in preventing neurological disorders from concussions throughout their athletic career and beyond.


If You Suspect Your Athlete Has A Concussion That Could Lead to Neurological Disorders

Symptoms of a concussion and other neurological symptoms can lead to long term neurological disorders. If a concussion is detected by NeuroSport, we will conduct follow-up neurological exams to determine when the athlete can “return-to-play.”  When our Chief Medical Director gives “return-to-play ” clearance, your athlete will receive medical clearance as defined by the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee of each state. This neurocognitive clearance will be based on a 1 hour and 45 minute  post-concussion neurological assessment, not  a 15 minute ImPACT test. Left untreated, concussions can lead to long-term, permanent neurological disorders.

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Contact NeuroSport™ at (954) 949-2345 for a FREE concussion testing consultation. Our highly experienced team and board-certified neurologists will guide you through the “return-to-play” concussion baseline testing and our concussion protocol. All NeuroSport™ concussion tests are covered by insurance